Positive Art Services

StarMark Imaging employs graphic artists with years of experience in digital retouching and restorations, as well as postive art enhancements to finished images.

Positive Art Services include such things as accentuation of existing highlights on dress and jewelry, enhancement of bridal bouquet and veil, or highlighting intricate lace and embroidery.

Light Oil and Pencil Enhancements can be added to a finished image. These fine, detailed techniques are ideally suited to highlighted briday gowns, flowers, or facial features. Don't see what you need? Call us and we'll connect you with a graphic artist.

Our graphic artists will work one on one with you to achieve the image you want!

Positive Art Services are charged at a rate of $72.00 per hour, in 1/4-hour increments, with a minimum charge of $18.00.